Solo Albums


Alder was my first solo project and the reason for the tattoo on my left forearm. Although I don't put out music as Alder any longer, the promise I made to myself with that tattoo has never been more honored.

Dinosaur Tooth

Dinosaur Tooth is a band I'm currently in playing mandolin (and hopefully fiddle soon) in around Los Angeles. We've recorded an acoustic EP and are working on a full-length, full-band album right now.

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Ocelot Robot

Ocelot Robot was a thrill of a lifetime. We were a rock band who did so many cool rock band things that I probably couldn't list them all. I will always treasure my time in this band.

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  • Mindy (single) (2014)

You I Need

You I Need is a dance/electro/pop collaboration with fellow Berklee-mate Steven Shewbrooks. This is a whole lot of fund and hopefully we'll keep putting out new tunes soon.

Other Albums I Produced

I've been lucky enough to work with a bunch of artists to make their visions come to life. What a joy and a thrill it is to see a face who's music turns out exactly as they wished it would.
  • The Fall Into Place (2010)
  • The Upswing (2010)
  • Evolution/Mystery (2010)
  • The Odyssey (2009)
  • Feel The World (2009)
  • Freddy & Francine EP (2008)
  • Redstar Future Pop (2005)

Music to Picture

Summoner Showdown 5

Helmet Bro – Episode 1

The YouTube Comments Choir

TV Land – The Exes

Love In A Coffee Shop – Trailer